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    Windows in lower Mansard roof?

    How do I cut a window into the lower portion of a Mansard Roof?

    Tried using solid shell to cut thru, however shingles appeard in opening.

    Has anyone ever done this?


    Paul Schindler

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    I don't think you can cut a window into a roof.

    I believe you'll need to make a small dormer with walls to put your windows in.

    Hope this helps.


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    How about a skylight?

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    Dan is correct to place real windows you will have to make some walls cutting though the roof planes. I would go Glenns' way using the skylights is probably better. With the skylight tool you will be able to generate simple skylights, some customisation is possible to the frame, or the skylight may be converted to a roof hole.

    here I have made a Mansard roof and placed a number of skylights and roof holes, the steep roof plane is set at 80 deg. the ''window inserts"have been generated from windows made in another plan, the casing has been supressed, and the glass deleted, and the remaining object saved as a DXF file. I used the Rotator program"'Crossroads",and in this case rotated the X-axis by 10 deg. The insert is then dragged into a skylight(it supplies the glass). You will need to resize the insert, to do this you must change the height and depth, in the same proportions( use pen, paper and calculator), this will maintain the correct angle. Skylights with round tops are difficult, since they can only be made with a large number of strait lines, mine need some work...

    .......................Open skylight..........

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