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    Stereo mobile phone features

    3D mobile phone shell in relative to the shell to sell the modern market and compared, in the quality and quality have a further leap. Relative to the plane of mobile phone shell market sale, 3D mobile phone shell has a new 3D quality feeling, can reveal the modern young people for the individuality and the pursuit of beauty, the whole create perfect imaging a troops, feelings of technology and fashion the perfect communication. But in terms of quality, such as silica gel shell in general is not used for a long time, the cover body and the body is "love each other dearly" effect, Griffin Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases and sometimes also to let mobile phone "flying out of the cage" through a gas can not be; and the crystal shell due to brittle, easily collapse, may lead to more frequent change. But the 3D shell is selected imported German Bayer PC raw material, not easy to loose flat, and the right size, can be said to have both advantages of silica gel shell and crystal shell, while both the 3D image and perfect, make the mobile phone can be perfect and fashion even more, but also greatly exceeded the water shell effect,Anna Sui iphone 4S case, become a perfect protection for shell products on the market today most!



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