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    Question Seeking experienced users for hire and teaming.

    Introduction: Tidewater/Hampton Roads - CEO of a full service restoration company likely getting ready to purchase the premier version while I currently have 2 master baths ready to make visible. I am hoping to find a designer/senior user out there (close by) that is available for hire as a vendor, sub-contractor, employee (possible if you are excellent) and thought I would post this and see what happens. I currently don't have the 40+ hours available soon to become proficient. I do however have 90% of each design completed in my head and need to make that visible to my clients. Any feedback is appreciated.

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    My clients run from "Just when they get stuck" (a couple of times per year) to Clients that I do all their drafting and design for in terms of polishing what they have done, turning that into construction documentation.

    There are some good people in Virginia for sure but I can get to your office via the internet a lot faster than any car or train using Go to Meeting and a broadband internet connection, at least consider it.


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