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    "Sunken" garage makes it multi-level?

    I'm trying to follow the X4 tutorial from the ground up. However, I'm trying to use our own home as the basis. (Who knows -- we may want to add a room later and this may serve as a good visual help.)

    The home is a simple rectangle Ranch, single floor frame home. It's on a foundation wall that provides an 18" crawl space. On one end, however, the attached garage is at ground level (18" lower than house proper) on a monolithic slab. The garage shares the same plane of ceiling rafters as the rest of the house. That end of the house as well as its opposite are gable ends.

    And therein lies my newbie confusion: Should I start with the garage as the first floor with 18" walls (2 of them interior, the other 2 are exterior, shared with the house proper), then proceed upwards? If so, how can I specify the Straight Foundation Wall as its support?


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    Your Garage in your Chief Architect plan file has a "Room Dialog Box", on the "Structure Tab" of that dialog is an input box for "Floor Height" which is by default zero inches as is the rest of your first floor.

    What you do is to change the input box value from zero inches to minus eighteen inches (-18") and you should then be where you want to be, the default ceiling height stays (its location will not lower unless you force it to).


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    Works just like you said it should.
    Thanks, David.

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    Working on your own house is an excellent way to learn chief

    it's right there and you can measure and check and double-check as often as you want until you get it right

    its a great way to learn....

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