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    Question Adding a 3rd floor to existing house

    I am using X1, and am trying to add a third floor to an existing 2 story structure. The original 1 1/2" low pitch shed roof needs to stay in place. The new 3rd floor floor will be framed up with 14" I-joists, with a 4x12 beam under the I-joists but on top of the existing roof. I am at a loss. There does not seem to be much info about remodeling projects. Could someone point me in the right direction.

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    Your explanatiohn is a little bit vague, but I'll try. If you have the existing house drawn, and want to add a third floor, just go the the "add new floor" tool, and do not select "move highest floor's roof up". This will create the third floor under the existing roof. If you want to remove some of the roof planes to build the third floor, you will have to move over to doing manual roofs.

    Other than that, I will need a more detailed/specific question, as to the issue you're having.
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    try placing roof holes where needed after building floor 3

    use manual roof planes for the new roof

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