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    Meeting in person

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to connect with local users of Chief to chat, share experience and provide help if needed. I know there are quite a few local users, but not sure how many frequent this site.

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    I learned Chief from Dan Baumann's Version 4 VHS video tapes back when, who lives in Minnetonka.
    Minnesota has many very capable users, who I assume are very busy with their own Lives and families.
    I used to chair a users meeting here in Austin but the motivating force was my good friend Debbie Gray who was, at that time the Chief Architect Inc Dealer for Texas and New Mexico (now VP of Scholastic Sales for Chief Inc).
    She rented the space and catered the affair, all I had to do was to show up and then not s u c k.
    Such meetings need to be something valuable to everyone who attends to get them from the comfort of home and family to talk shop.
    The meetings were fun and they were work for one and all as well.
    In other words such things do not "just happen", someone has to take responsibility for creating them and to make it interesting and useful to one and all.
    I enjoyed participating in them and to being helpful to Debbie (I got paid for the Seminars I taught for her but not the User Meetings and Builder Show appearances).
    I personally enjoy helping others because you, yourself are also helped and enriched.

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    contact Tommy about attending the Houstin User Group via the internet

    I live in NY and have been attending for awhile now

    Lew Buttery
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    Lockport, NY
    lbuttery at

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    I agree with Lou.
    I am in Hawaii and have tried several times, with no avail, to meet other users her locally.
    I am also a member or Tommy's group and it has been a big help.
    Charles Uyehara AIA
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    I agree David, nothing given-nothing received. my thought was a meet and greet, putting faces to names and so forth for a start. no tests involved.

    Good point Lew, I will have to sit in on a future meeting. thx for the link.

    Charles I hope you get some of your local users to come out of the forest, err I mean beach
    The internet opens all kinds of possibilities in communication. I certainly need it in my work!

    Will see if any local people respond.

    Be well and do good work

    Chief Architect user since 1997
    Current versions used X4, X5, X6

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    Hey Michael,

    I'd be for it. Problem is that most Chiefers in Minnesota are a bit spread out. I know there are a few in the cities.....if I think real hard I may remember who they are. McQueen lives up in Bovery but not sure he would be interested in the trex down. Maybe should post something in 'Off Topic' as I like most, seldom visit the 'Local User' site. This is probably the 1st time in a couple of years.
    David Hedrick
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