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    Cool Run chief 9.5 on win 7 pro virtual xp w/Aladin hasp key

    I have loaded up the chief on my new PC.
    The hasp key did not work.
    I updated the driver thru Microsoft - did not work.
    Went to the Aladin (now Safenet) site downloaded and tried there drivers - did not work.
    Contacted Safenet - the software designer in charge of the hasp keys says that the Chief program files are locked to NOT ALLOW operation on a virtual machine (this is the default, but changable setting on their file which is incorperated into the Aladin interface when Chief installed it on their program), and that a simple and minor file update by Chief would make it possible for this to happen. He said for the Chief Guys to call him and he would tell them how to do this.
    Please Help.

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    I tried to do the same thing earlier this year with similar results.
    Lew Buttery mentioned someone actually succeeded doing what you want to do but personally the only way I can stably run something as old as 9.5 is directly within Windows XP (no emulators and no other vias).

    I have a separate hard drive to which I can dual boot when I need to use 9.5, 10 and X1 which all run smoothly within XP x32.

    All it cost me was a few bucks for the hard drive and a few minutes to study on how to set it up.
    That is what I recommend because that is the only thing I got to reliably work.


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    We don't support running any of our software on virtual machines. Primarily because the video card support is almost universally horrible, but also because there are many other things that simply don't work right on a virtual machine.

    Set up a separate boot partition for that or just upgrade to X3.
    Doug Park
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