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    Dormer Wall/Roof Plane Intersection Problems

    My 2 story house design has left and right gable end walls, with the rear roof built on top of second story rear walls, and the front roof built on top of first story front walls. A dormer spanning a large section of the roof is on the front roof to accommodate the second story rooms in the front of the house. The front right interior living space is vaulted to the 2nd story. The right dormer wall, which is floating (bottom cut by roof plane), sits on the roof about in the middle of the vaulted room, thereby causing a sloped ceiling in half the room (dormer wall to roof edge caused by the underside of the roof plane), and a flat 2nd story ceiling in the other half of the room (dormer area). These 2 interior ceilings are joined by a triangular vertical section of the dormer wall. All roofs have been manually drawn.
    The entire front roof plane is rectangular with a large chunk taken out of the center to accommodate the dormer (shaped like a large letter “U”). I have 2 problems with the right dormer wall: (1) In a 3D interior camera view of the vaulted room’s ceiling, the bottom of the dormer wall shows thru the sheetrock, but does not extend into the room but for about ˝ inch. Its main framing, sheathing, and siding layer is visible instead of the sheetrock, even though I have checked “roof cuts wall at bottom” on the roof tab of the wall specification for the dormer wall. Where the roof plane meets the dormer wall, I have extended the roof all the way thru the dormer wall as the CA manual says is required. I have also tried to raise the bottom of the dormer wall slightly in Cross Section/Elev view, but this makes it worse. (2) the outside edges show the roof plane’s fascia correctly, but the inside edge of the roof that butts against the dormer wall also shows a fascia (fascia is actually on the inside of the vaulted room in a 3D view). CA seems to be putting an additional fascia on the interior roof edge next to the dormer wall.
    I must be doing something really stupid here, but can’t figure it out. Any ideas?
    Bill K

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    your post is a little hard to read

    some white space would help

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