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    Solid Masonry Walls and Fire Cut Floor Joists

    Here's one that I've stumbled upon. I am using CA X2.

    I'm currently doing my model of an existing three story walk up apartment building. I've laid out my existing plans on all three levels.
    The exterior walls are 8" solid masonry, furred out 2" and have gyp. bd. finish. I got the hang of the furred wall, double wall, framed through sequence for the perimeter walls. That works great. I got my interior wall types working, fantastic. I went through the build framing for the floors and think that everything is working fine.

    Because I really get a kick out of the camera views, I play around with them looking at the exterior elevations and section views.

    And there, in my Section view, I see floor framing going out to the exterior face of the exterior masonry wall. In my Elevations view, I see ghost lines for floor framing, I see the ends of the floor joist in my building elevations.

    As this is an older building, the floor joists would be in the masonry walls with firecuts, no rim joists. I made sure that I did not pick rim joist on any of the floor framing windows.

    I must've done something simple stupid to have this happen.

    Why am I having my ghost lines in elevation view, why do I see the ends of the floor joists in my elevation view?

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    That sort of thing (rim joists) is a setting in "Framing Defaults".
    The auto framing also is directly effected by where you set the "Main Layer" of custom wall types (framing is preprogrammed to build to "Main Layer" indications you set under "Define Wall Types".
    It is almost always something you forgot to set or unset, a check box overlooked, an input or default setting that you thought you understood and didn't, overlooked or forgot because the software only follows what is set in those locations where tendencies are defaults are set.
    Like Dan Baumann says Chief "is smartly programmed but it is not smart." You have to apply the "smart" and make all its settings right.


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    I will try to backtrack and see where I stumbled. I said it was probably a simple stupid thing which going over and over and hopefully correcting it will really leave an imprint of education in CA set in my noggin.



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