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    Scalloped Pattern

    I am in need of a scalloped pattern to place in the top section of gable walls that will show in elevation and 3-d. Is there any available. I could not find one in Chief 7.

    Is there a way to split a gable wall so I can place siding below and scalloped detail above? I have used attic walls in gable roof areas that I have drawn manually, but in walls that I have called out gable and auto drawn the roof I can not seem to get the attic wall to work for me.

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    You have to look close but the gables have two different exterior finishes: Red=diamond siding and Green = scalloped siding. Both of these patterns are in "Chief Patterns" as vector patterns, the textures were there also though the diamond pattern I reshaped using the "X-Y" inputs to reshape the texture. The scallop texture is a standard "Certainteed-Roofing-Scallops" with the "X-Y" adjusted to flatten the pattern out. The Diamond pattern is a diamond tile pattern that I edited (recolored) in Paint Shop Pro, These are then assigned to new wall types I created for this project. The dual-wall-pattern effect is done using gable pony walls resized in elevation cameras per gable.

    I did the pergola roof by constructing one secton, a section at a time manually, until I had the roof sections stacked one on the other (each steeper than the one below in decending order). I believe I made that of four sections per side. I then copy-pasted the first one, 90d to the first and so on until I had four "sister" roof groupings to form the final product as shown. To finish up I used the "join roofs" tool to meld them all together after I got them as close as possible manually. I think I used a CAD box set to a locked layer as a guide.


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    If I understand correctly, you want a pattern for scalloped shingles to go with the cedar shingle textures that is viewable w/o rendering ..... when you define materials, in the pattern tab click the Select Pattern button then browse to the pattern folder (default being C:\Program Files\ART\Chief70\Patterns\) and open the Chiefarc.pat file then in the Entries drop down select Roof-G...set the scale to 1, then in the General tab set the size to around 12 may want to adjust these values to get the size you want in your elevations..

    You need two wall types one for the lower wall and another for the scalloped wall, if you have already created them ....then....You need to simply go to the attic and change the auto-generated wall to wall type you want, then check the retain attic wall box...and can adjust the break line on these wall types in an elevation....

    Tim O'Donnell



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